Choir concert – how does China sound

At Saturday, 26th of november 16.00 o’clock

the chinese academic choir of Berlin directed by Mrs Ya-ou Xie performed in our church. The choir was already founded 1995. Its members are mostly from china. They study, research and work in Berlin and the environs. Supported by the professional choir leader as well as by professional singers and music educators the amateur choir permanently increases its level on music rehearsals and performances.chorXie

Since its foundation the choir enriches the culturel life of the abroad chinese people and takes comfort for their longing to their homeland. At the same time the choir plays an active role to spread chinese culture, chinese spirit and sympathie for china, too.


„How does china sound? Come with us!“ so the concert program was arranged. Mrs Ya-ou Xie guided the numerous visitors, guests and members of the community trrough this program with many interesting expanations to the culturel backgrounds of the songs and compositions.

p-xiekonzert CAC_2016_Herbstkonzert2-015Grand piano: Kayserburg-D-Grand piano (with kind support of the chinese piano company Pearl River Piano Group)

You could listen to one hour of folk songs of the different peoples of china. Female choir, male choir and children choir and different solo artists presented creations and adaptations of WANG Xilin, CHEN Yi and YU Zhongyuan et al.. It was a long night, which will remain in rememberance for a long time.